Secrets of Sunder Nursery

Home to six World Heritage Monuments



July 9, 2022

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Sunder Nursery, known as Azim Bagh in Mughal times, is now one of the key attractions in the capital city of Delhi as it is home to six World Heritage Monuments.

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Located at the southern edge of Lutyens’ New Delhi, in the heart of the capital city, lies a beautiful, albeit little-known nursery, the Sunder Nursery. Formerly called Azim Bagh or Bagh-e-Azeem (great garden) in the Mughal times, it is a 16th-century heritage park complex.

About 90 acres abutting World Heritage Site Humayun’s Tomb, it is home to many Mughal period monuments and boasts of six other World Heritage Monuments, 300 tree and plant species, and a paradise garden complete with marble fountains and 80 resident bird species. Aside from these, it has been named amongst the 100 World’s Greatest Places in 2018 by Time magazine.

The six World Heritage monuments are Sunder Burj, Sundarwala Mahal, Lakkarwala Burj, Mirza Muazzafar Hussain’s Tomb, Chotta Bateshewala and the Unknown Mughal’s tomb.

One of the highlights of the nursery is the early 16th century Mughal era tomb called Sunder Burj that lights up in the evening and exhibits a striking view of its intricate Mughal design on the monument. From time to time peacocks appear from the tall underbrush here. The nursery is open to visitors from 7 am to 10 pm.



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