Top 5 must-visit tourist destinations in Jharkhand

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August 10, 2022

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Top 5 must-visit tourist destinations in Jharkhand

Nebula Blue colour water lake in Jharkhand (Photo: pixabay)

Located in the eastern part of India and well-preserved by its mainly tribal population, Jharkhand is a beautiful state with several green and stunning hidden tourist destinations. With beautiful hills, majestic landscapes and scenic waterfalls, these destinations are sure to attract every travel enthusiast.

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Jharkhand, also referred to as “The Land of Forests’’, is the ideal vacation spot for anyone who enjoys going outdoors and spotting wildlife. The state is blessed with unrivalled beauties like hills, mountains, forests, and waterfalls. Earlier part of southern Bihar, Jharkhand became a state in the year 2000 and has a mixed culture that predominately comprised of tribal people.

If you are visiting Jharkhand and unsure of where to start, then here is a list of the top five must-visit tourist attractions to ensure vacation of a lifetime for all visitors.

Lodh Falls

The picturesque location of Lodh Falls about 200 km east of Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi, is unique with a majestic waterfall gushing down from both sides of the hills. During the British colonial rule, the waterfalls were a favourite destination for the Laat Sahebs (English officers). Tumbling down from a great height, the falls make a mesmerising thundering sound, which some say can be heard as far away as 10 km from the falls.

Lodh Falls

Lodh Falls is a waterfall in a mid forest of Latehar district in Jharkhand (Photo: pixabay)

An interesting fact about Lodh Falls is that the depth of the fall is not known to anyone. Attempts have been made several times to measure its depth but no one has succeeded yet. Once, even the villagers residing nearby tied a long rope to the rock in order to measure the depth but unfortunately, the rock drowned in the water and no trace was found.



Patratu valley located in Ranchi, Jharkhand (Photo: pixabay)

Located in the Ramgarh district of Jharkhand, Patratu is a charming valley town which is popular amongst locals for its dam, and built under the supervision of India’s father of engineering Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya to provide water to the nearby towns and villages. Located at an elevation of more than 300 m, it makes for a perfect weekend getaway to relish natural beauty. Surrounded by lush forests and characterised by winding roads, the region of Patratu is certainly is certain to delight nature enthusiasts. The destination used to once be brimming with forests, but is now a developed town and an offbeat tourist spot.


About 150 km away from Ranchi, the state capital, Netarhat is like a secret place in the heart of Jharkhand, encircled by low hills, forests and hilly springs. Once home to several tribes, the hills caught the fancy of the British rulers who converted it into a hill station. Referred to as ‘Queen of Chhota Nagpur’, the hill station has moved far beyond its colonial days.


Netarhat in Jharkhand surrounded by cypress plants (Photo: pixabay)

The journey to Netarhat is an experience visitors are sure to enjoy. The rolling hills are covered with sal, palash and mahuwa trees. The steep hill road passes through the forests, sharp hairpin bends, reaching the  plateau on which Netarhat resides at a height of 1,250 metres. Surrounded by cypress plants and pine trees, a huge gate welcomes the visitors to the town.

 Saranda Forest

Saranda Forest is located in the border of Odisha and Jharkhand which covers most of the areas in both the states. Saranda meaning Elephants derived its name from the large number of elephants residing within these thick forests. Situated on the southern border of the state, the forest is a golden treasure of wild life, to endangered species of flying lizards, hundreds of elephants and also migratory elephant.

Sunsets here are stunning and sure to awe spectators as the sky changes its colour to different shades of crimson, orange and grey, before descending into darkness.

Sal, Mahua and Kusum are the major trees found in the forest is also home to the Ho tribe in Jharkhand (Photo: pixabay)

Sal, Mahua and Kusum are the major trees found in the forest, which is also home to the Ho tribe. It was also used to be a private hunting ground by the erstwhile royal family of Seraikela.

The main access point for getting into Saranda forest by road is Chaibasa, 60 km southwest of Jamshedpur. Saranda can also be reached via the towns of Chakradharpur, about 90 km from Jamshedpur, and Manoharpur, about 170 km from Jamshedpur, on the main Bombay-Howrah rail line.

 Suga Bandh Waterfall

Suga Bandh Waterfall is the ultimate offbeat destination in Jharkhand. Located on the way to Netarhat from Betla National Park, the waterfall is surrounded by forests and blue hills. Suga Bandh waterfall originates from the North Koel River. The height of the Suga Bandh waterfall is about 35 m.

Suga Bandh Waterfall in Jharkhand originates from the North Koel River is about 35 m (Photo: pixabay)

‘Suga’ means Parrot in the local language and ‘Bandh’ means a dam’ or the Dam of the Parrot. Locals tell a tale about the origin of this unusual name. Legend has it that there  was once a parrot whose wife was thirsty but all the water around them had dried up. The worried parrot searched for water and came across the waterfall, which was hidden within the forest. The flow of the waterfall was with such force that the parrot was unable to collect its water. So the x`parrot came up with a plan and started collecting the tiny rocks to make a Bandh (Dam). This way the parrot was able to stop the water and collect it for its wife.

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