Colours of India – Issue n°14 – May 2017

VideoMag by Media India Group


May 18, 2017

/ By / New Delhi

Enjoy the varied glimpses of India through the May issue of our monthly video magazine, Colours of India. We begin our journey in Goa, on the western coast, exploring one of the oldest and grandest church complexes of India. We take you to an arena that holds within its confines a heritage trove. After breathing in the historic grandeur, we move on to Kolkata to take a walk along Sudder Street and explore the area, which is the perfect crossover between the Kolkata of the past and the one it has transformed into. From a variety of bookshops to fancy candy stalls, to one of the oldest fire stations in Kolkata, Sudder Street is all encompassing. New Delhi, the country’s capital, is our next stop. We head to Dariba Kalan within the walled city, where we pay a visit to Gulab Singh Johrimal, one of the oldest perfumeries in India, established in 1816. Finally, we head to the picturesque valley of Kashmir to enjoy the traditional Noone Chai, which is a type of salted tea, conventionally made in copper vessels called Samovar.

See you, next month, with more such hidden jewels of India.



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