Femina Miss India Second Runner Up 2022 visits NGO Aarohan

Motivating children to aim for success through education



July 21, 2022

/ By / New Delhi

Femina Miss India Second Runner Up 2022 visits NGO Aarohan

Chauhan poses with the children at Aarohan (Photo: Aman Kanojiya)

To promote the value of education in helping children achieve success, Shinata Chauhan, second runner up of Femina Miss India 2022 visited Aarohan, a Delhi-based NGO working to provide education to underprivileged children.

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To spread the message about the crucial importance of education in the modern society, second runner-up Femina Miss India 2022 Shinata Chauhan visited Aarohan, an NGO in New Delhi that works to promote education and skill development amongst underprivileged children as well as transgenders.

“The reason I connected with Aarohan lies in bringing actual change. It feels good to do something for children and share with them what the world is like and the kind of opportunities that await them once they have completed their education. This motivates them to aim for a successful career,” Shinata Chauhan tells Media India Group.

Chauhan was welcomed at Aarohan by Rani Patel, founder-president of the NGO, that has been working with hundreds of underprivileged slum children in Delhi and other parts of the country for over two decades. “They have selected Aarohan and I feel very proud. When a girl achieves something, she does not only do it for her family or community but for every woman of the society. So, whenever any girl achieves a good position, I, being a woman, really love to see them,” Patel tells Media India Group.

“Shinata’s interest in NGO speaks a lot about herself because parents are the ones who give inspiration,” says local MLA Somnath Bharti, who was also present on the occasion.

Chauhan says she believes that she makes a difference to the society and especially the children by attending such events. “Whenever I go schools, colleges, NGOs, I realise that children are the building blocks of our country. They will be the ones taking the country ahead. And, if we give them the right education and knowledge, we will bring about a very positive change in the world,” says Shinata.

Chauhan also praises Aarohan’s work for the LGBTQ community, especially the transgenders. “I feel very happy that Aarohan works for LGBTQ community. We live in a very open society and I am very privileged that Aarohan believes the same. We make films, go to spokesperson, work in normal workspaces, and they deserve it too because they are amongst us,” says Chauhan.



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