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August 23, 2017

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Kolkata, the City of Joy in eastern India has a number of multi-cuisine restaurants that offer classic Mexican dishes.

Mexican cuisine appeals to the Indian taste for various reasons- its familiar ingredients, similar, vibrant colours or forms. As dedicated Mexican- themed restaurants increase in numbers in the country, there are a number of restaurants that already serve Tex-Mex cuisine that have been popular for a while now. The City of Joy, Kolkata, in the eastern part of India is also home to a number of restaurants that offer a chance to taste Mexican delicacies. Kolkata is also currently hosting a Mexican Food Festival. Though the city is yet to get an out and out Mexican restaurant, here are some places to try out some of the classic Mexican dishes that are bound to delight your gastronomic self.


The Chili’s Grill and Bar chain of restaurants, that has three branches in Kolkata, offers some delicious Mexican dishes in the menu that are worth a try. A Tex-Mex cuisine is available in these restaurants, which are located across three malls in the city – Quest, South City and Acropolis. Visitors recommend the numerous fajitas, a favourite which has a soft tortilla base with options for seafood, vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Another recommendation is the Santa-Fe salad as well as Creamy Jalapeno Wings.

Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata, a vegetarian, multi-cuisine restaurant that offers some quirky and fun fusion dishes on its menu also offers a number of Mexican dishes that can satisfy the taste buds of foodies looking to sample the cuisine in Kolkata. With a cosmopolitan feel to its menu and a central location, this Park Street based restaurant is a nice option to try out some Mexican food in the City of Joy. The classic Mexican Fried Rice as well as Hakuna Quesadillas come highly recommended.

Quesadillas are a popular dish for many

Quesadillas are a popular dish for many

Bodega Cantina Y Bar

A resto-pub that has a lively atmosphere and well done ambience, Bodega Cantina Y Bar serves a number of cuisines that includes Spanish and Mexican. Located in the central nightlife hub of Kolkata, in the Park Street area, Bodega is known not only for its food but also the unique and delightful cocktails available there. The Guacamole that comes with tortilla chips is a food recommendation to have a Mexican taste and the Mejico Mule is a drink that is a favourite.


Jalapenos is another multi-cuisine restaurant on the list that is a suggested venue to try out some classic Mexican dishes. Located close to Park Street, Jalapenos has attained a name for its family garlic bread. Though it is a relatively smaller place, the food is worth a try nevertheless. This restaurant also offers some tasty Mexican food, with dishes such as Mexican rice, nachos and fajita sizzlers to try out.

Raj’s Spanish Café

Though its name may tell you that it is a specialty café for Spanish food, Raj’s Spanish Café serves several cuisines, including Mexican. A relaxed and popular café that is largely frequented by tourists, it is located in the city’s backpacker hub, Sudder Street. This café offers classic Mexican dishes at a comparatively cheaper price than the rest of the places on the list. The Mexican Burritos of the café are quite celebrated and it is a recommended dish apart from Mexican classics such as Enchiladas Verdes and Empanadas de Pollo.

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