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December 13, 2016

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Among all the places in India, Jaipur in Rajasthan, with its royal culture, has emerged as a preferred destination for a developing trend: destination wedding. The city offers a combination of festive ideas and venue choices in form of resorts like Heiwa Heaven.

Marriage is a lifetime affair and couples want to make their wedding remarkable and memorable for the rest of their lives. Destination wedding is the newest trend that has caught the fancy of Indians. However, this is the something new for the Indian couples and families who often like to celebrate their weddings in a traditional manner, but more and more people now want to add a cutting edge to the celebration whereby close friends and family are left awestruck.

India is blessed with some of the most mesmerising and exotic locations that can further adorn the momentous occasion of a person’s life with delight and an incredible magnificence. This is the reason that destination wedding in India is becoming a trend among celebrities and common people alike.

Jaipur, the capital and the heritage city of Rajasthan in northern India, is emerging as one of the favourite destinations for wedding. The ‘pink city’ offers a wide range of festive venues, such as palaces like Heiwa Heaven.

Heiwa Heaven – derived from the Japanese word ‘heiwa’ meaning ‘peace’ – is a luxury resort situated at just a 20-minute drive from the city centre of Jaipur. The resort offers some of the best opportunities and locations for a destination wedding.

The resort believes in an old Indian saying that marriages are made in heaven and performed on earth, which is why they want the celebration to be the best part of couples’ lives. In that quest, the resort has not only put up the entire guest party, but also have refreshing options like adventure sports to cheer up the guests, a gaming zone for kids and a spa to relax the visitors.

Twenty dishes

Following Rajasthan’s customary traditions, the resort only serves vegetarian food. But, non-vegetarians needn’t fuss as the resort enthrals guests with a service par excellence by serving the food in a real royal style with more than 20 dishes to satiate the appetite as well as the soul.

The place has several open gardens and a large banquet hall which provide the guests acres of space to roam around, and a special musical evening adds the perfect icing to the day-long revelry.

After roaming in the gardens, one can refresh by having a dip in the pool. The resort has been meticulously planned in order to serve guests of every kind. It houses practically everything from gyms to temples.

So far, this one-year-old, hill-side resort has received good reviews from the patrons who have organised weddings at this exotic place and the owner is determined to make it more luxurious by adding few more elements over time.

Heiwa Heaven offers everything you can long for if you are looking to have an unforgettable wedding. The dash of luxury and royalty is bound to make your experience a life-long takeaway.

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